About Me

Vickie Eichelberger
Oregon Real Estate Broker

Being an Entrepreneur most of her adult life, Vickie has had a passion for business and 
people.  A focused listener, she is able to advise and advocate for her clients.  Diligence is
evident in the way she works non stop as a Real Estate Broker.  Whether it's creating a website for a listing or hosting an open house, she is always on the go.  

Having lived in Bandon for over 33 years, Vickie has been involved in many local associations including the Bandon Chamber of Commerce, believing that
local business is critical to the successful landscape of a community.

Working in the construction business for several years as a partner with Eichelberger Construction LLC, Vickie has learned to appreciate everything that goes into a building a home.
The many aspects, such as, the floor plan, the exterior elevations to the direction the sun hits the home at different times of the day.  Those are but a few of the many considerations when buidling or purchasing a home.  

Now as a Real Estate Broker, again Vickie enjoys helping others.  Much the same, Vickie works with the list of options that are available to her clients, with choices that make their dreams a reality.

Not one for wasting time, Vickie has a way of organizing showings of homes and properties that is sure to get the job done.  

Married and the mother of two adult children, Vickie is an Oregon native in love with the cultural, recreational and social opportunities that Oregon Coast Provides.